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Over the years of doing shows, we've collected an ever-growing group of monster-making friends. About 14 years ago we decided to bring the monster creators to the monster lovers - all in one place and thus MoaS was created.
This past year and a half has been notably tough for everyone but especially tough for small businesses and artists. We'd love for our monster-loving community to come together and support all of these talented small business owners for all your personal or holiday shopping wishes. And if you can't make it to the show, drop them an email, say hi and see how they're doing!
So here is THEEEE list of all the fabulous and amazing artists, crafters & friends who are exhibiting at the Monster of a Show on November 6, 2021.


Barbara Berkowitz

Here There Be Dragons.png

Here There Be Dragons

Gregg Lent

Love at First Kiss.png

Love @
First Kiss

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Nicole Munchel Photography

Nicole Munchel

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Orange Scissor Art

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Six Gables Originals

Deana Greenberg

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Nick Swaner, Magnus Hoopes, 

and Nick Swaner



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Claymonster Pottery.png

Claymonster Pottery

Cat Audette & Rich Holt

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