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Monster Makers

Over the years of attending many craft shows, we've collected an ever-growing group of monster-making friends. About 17 years ago we had an idea - to bring the monster creators to the monster lovers - all in one place and thus the Monster of a Show was created.
So here is THEEEE list of all the fabulous and amazing artists, crafters & friends who exhibited at the Monster of a Show 2023. Our 2024 list will come in the days leading up to the show.
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards2.png

Companion Fiber

Caitlin Carlson

231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards4.png


Barbara Berkowitz

  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards5.png

Hot Glass Burns

231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards6.png


  • Instagram
  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards18.png

Joanna Barnum

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards9.png

Minxes Trinkets

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards10.png

Monster This

Amy Begg-Marino

231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards11.png

Sloth Art

Sarah Berger

  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards12.png

Pinkkiss Pottery

Shawna Pincus


  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards13.png

Simply Whimsical Art

  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards14.png

Snug Books

231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards15.png


  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards16.png


Magnus Hoopes, 

and Nick Swaner

231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards17.png

Stubborn Rainbows

Michelle Sasscer

  • Instagram
231014-2023-Exhibitor Cards1.png

Claymonster Pottery

Cat Audette & Rich Holt

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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